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Since 2022, we have been helping digital marketing companies ranging from F&B to news companies.
MarketingInd's digital services are specially designed to help market your business online/digitally, starting from increasing brand awareness, website traffic, engagement and followers on social media, to increasing sales (conversion). Learn more about us.

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Web Development

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Google Ads

Your website ad appears in the form of text or banners on Google and various popular...

social media management

Social Media Management

Professionally manage social media accounts Facebook & Instagram starts from captions...

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Digital Advertising

Advertise on various online channels such as advertisements on Youtube, Popular...

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Klien & Case Study, We always try to give the best results for every digital marketing campaign that our clients entrust to us. The case studies listed on this website are only partial, and our team will continue to update them.

In simple terms, digital marketing is defined as a marketing component that uses online and internet-based technology in carrying out its activities. Along with the development of the times and technology, more and more people are spending time on gadgets and the internet, so marketers need to take advantage of this media to reach their target customers.

For us, digital marketing is a company that provides services to increase the effectiveness of marketing your company or brand in the online realm, using digital channels such as websites, Google search engines, social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and others.

By using MarketingInd, your business can get benefits such as increasing your product’s brand awareness on social media, website ranking appearing on page 1 of Google, increasing interaction and followers on social media, and your ads appearing to a more targeted audience at a cost. which is more affordable.

Each client may get different results, because there are many factors that influence the success of digital marketing, including the unpredictable X factor. Just like other marketing services, we cannot provide guarantees for things that cannot be guaranteed/predicted with 100% accuracy.

Digital marketing has a very broad spectrum and often changes according to developments. Each digital agency may have several services that are different from other agencies. If you are confused, start by having clear goals/objectives what results you want your company to achieve. Consult with us your needs, then please choose the service that best suits your needs.

Our Testimonial

Our highest satisfaction is when we see our clients get the best results from our digital marketing services. Below are real testimonials from some of our clients (we do not include individual names for privacy reasons). Contact us for real screenshots of testimonials provided by our clients.

Been subscribed to MarketingInd for a long time, Alhamdulillah. everything is well managed, thank you πŸ™‚

PT. Raudah Eksati Utama Menteng, Central Jakarta

Very Satisfied with the MarketingInd team in helping Nyosis Indonesia CRM Instagram. Team Spirit πŸ™‚

PT. Nyosis Abadi Indonesia Bekasi

Very satisfied with the performance and assistance of the MarketingInd team to pursue news-related targets. Thanks Team πŸ™‚

Media Pasti Jakarta

With Help from MarketingInd, All posts are managed with All right, keep up the spirit MarketingInd Team πŸ™‚

PT. Mahira Jaya Bana Jakarta

With Help from MarketingInd, All posts are managed with All right, keep up the spirit MarketingInd Team πŸ™‚

Alfisa Konveksi Bekasi

satisfactory results, thank you ind marketing team. good luck for the future πŸ™‚

Brossco Bekasi
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