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By using SEO services, it allows your website's ranking position in search engines like Google, to search for the keywords (keywords) you want. Thus, your website will be easier to find, traffic will increase and have the potential to bring in potential customers.

Why Choose Us ?

Why Choose Our SEO ?

SEO Your website will be optimized integratedly and as a whole and to ensure more effective and maximum SEO results.

Full SEO

All in one SEO work so the potential for success is higher.


We have followed every latest trend and technique in SEO.

Google Complaint

The SEO techniques that we use are in accordance with the rules of Google.

Our Portfolio

Clients consist of various companies engaged in their respective fields.

Multi Keyword SEO

If you want the website to rank 1 on the Google page with various keyword variations.


For those who are still unfamiliar, you can directly contact our team for information about your website's SEO.

Services Scope

What did you get?

Each SEO package includes all-in-one SEO services needed to optimize a website and included in the packages we offer.

Keyword Analysis

Keywords that are relevant and targeted and complete with number of seraches.

Article Creation

Making articles with interesting topics, SEO Friendly, Informative and Passing Plagiarism.

Website Check

Examination of the website in detail from an SEO perspective so as to improve the optimization system that is right on target.

On-Page Optimization

Includes content optimization, loading speed, website structure, Internal links and more.

Off-Page Optimization

That is the link building process on a regular and relevant basis, so that your website's authority rises in the eyes of google.

Monthly Report

Makes it easier for you to know the movement of ranking, traffic and other SEO metrics.

Technology Features

Our Other Services

Web Development

Web Development

Making Company Profile Websites, Landing Pages to Custom. Professional Design...

icon ads gdn

Google Ads

Your website ad appears in the form of text or banners on Google and various popular...

social media management

Sosmed Management

Professionally manage social media accounts Facebook & Instagram starts from captions...

What Is SEO ?

Meaning and Definition of SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, namely certain methods or techniques to increase website ranking and visibility in search engines such as Google and Bing. Unlike Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising such as Google Ads, SEO is done organically, meaning your website appears on page 1 of search engines without paying anything to Google or Bing.

Advantages of Using SEO

There are many advantages of SEO for the growth of your business, some of which are:

1. More than 30% of customers come from the internet
2. Increase your website's organic traffic
3. Strengthen your company's online branding
4. Buyers are looking for you, not the other way around, meaning     they need and are ready to close
5. The rapid growth of internet users in Indonesia, more than 90% of     them use Google And many other advantages.


No one can guarantee that a website will definitely be page 1 of Google. Every SEO service provider can only try/increase opportunities, cannot guarantee 100%. Therefore, we provide 2 types of SEO packages, namely packages with a payment system according to results and packages with a flat payment system. Contact us via WA chat for more info.
Please note, SEO is uncertain. Some have succeeded in a matter of weeks, some after months are still not page 1 for the keywords they want. But please note that we are still doing our best.
That’s what SEO is. If you want it fast, then our suggestion is to use the Google Ads service first.
We only use SEO techniques according to Google’s rules and follow the latest algorithm updates. Certain SEO techniques that don’t comply with Google’s rules can get your website penalized, so it’s removed from search results.
NO, We do not accept SEO (including but not limited to) online gambling websites, strong drugs, weapons, illegal products.
It would be easier if so. But if you are unsure and don’t like it, we will provide a list of what needs to be changed from your website, and please you or your IT team do it yourself.
You can, but of course it will take a lot of time and effort for trial and error, while on the other hand there are many other things that need to be taken care of in your business. If needed.
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Want to make a website and maintain digital marketing?

If your company or business wants to create a website and digital marketing needs that are good, professional, full-featured and easy to use. please contact our team for further info and presentation.​

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