Integrated Digital Advertising

Show Your Ad On Various Websites and Online Platforms

This digital advertising service is suitable for those of you who want totality in advertising on the internet/online. This service can help you advertise on various digital channels on the internet, such as advertising on Google, YouTube, various news websites, popular websites, on various Facebook and Instagram placements, to display ads on mobile applications.

More Awareness. More Traffic. More Conversions.

By combining various online channels, your ads will reach a wider audience, thereby massively increasing your company's brand awareness, but you can still set targeting according to the desired audience profile. By getting more known about your business online, it has the potential to increase traffic and also conversion of the products or services you offer.

Why Choose Us

Focus On Results

Using proven methods and strategies and according to the latest updates, our digital ad specialist team will help your ads reach a targeted audience in various online media that are relevant to your business.

More Targeted

Your ad will be served to a targeted audience based on interests, behavior, location and more.

Remarketing Ads

Reappear your ad to visitors who have interacted with your ad.

Report Transparan

We will send you a detailed and transparent monthly report on your ad performance (spending, cost per click, conversion, etc.)

Creative Advertising

Your ad design and copywriting will be made creatively and attractively so that it has more potential to be clicked.

Provence Technique

How to advertise using methods that are in accordance with best practices and have been tested for effectiveness.

Budget Optimization

The advertising budget will be optimized in order to get the maximum results at the minimum cost.

How We Work

How does the process work ?

Broadly speaking, the following are the steps for how we will later manage your social media business.

Step #1: Briefing

You tell us about your product, target market, product advantages, objectives to be achieved, and other related information.

Step #2: Strategy

After studying your product, target market and competitors, we will prepare a strategy that we think is effective to run.

Step #3: Implementation

Creating social media accounts (if you don't already have one), preparing content, creating graphic images, and running advertisements regularly.

Step #4: Monitoring

Monitor your social media performance regularly, such as changes in the number of followers and interactions you get.

Step #5: Optimization

Includes ad optimization, post impressions, engagement, and followers so that your social media grows even more.

Step #6: Evaluate

Evaluate the implemented strategy to determine a more effective strategy.

Technology Features

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