Your ad on Page 1 Google + Various Popular Websites

Display your website advertisements on page one of the Google search engine, on Youtube, mobile apps, and various other Google network websites. We will manage your ads more effectively and budget-efficiently, increasing brand awareness, traffic and conversions. By advertising on Google, you only pay if someone clicks/views your ad (Pay-Per-Click). Has a complete targeting feature, can target from location, time, device, age, and more.

Why Choose Us ?

More Targeted, Efficient and Effective

We will carry out your Google advertising campaign as a whole, from planning, execution, to monitoring, to ensure maximum and effective advertising results.

Budget Optimization

The advertising budget will be optimized so that you get the most results with the minimum bids.

Display Network

With the Google Display Network (GDN), your ads can appear on popular and relevant websites.

Creative Ad Text

Our copywriters will create attractive and selling ad text to increase click potential.

Multi Channel

If needed, your ads can appear on YouTube, Android apps, and other Google partners.

Transparent Reports

Detailed periodic reports, such as the amount of budget used, number of clicks, keywords clicked, etc.

Remarketing Features

Reappearing your ad to visitors who have visited your website, strengthens brand awareness.

Google Ads Services

What do you get ?

Our team will help you setup your ad so that it appears on Google search results and various other Google network websites.

Ad Setup

Starting from creating a Google Ads account, designing campaigns, adgroups, keywords, billing, and other setups.

Ads Placement

Choose popular websites that are suitable for your ad placement (GDN only).

Conversion Tracking

Install a conversion script so that it is known how many conversions are generated from your Google Ads.

Keyword Analysis

We will look for relevant keyword recommendations so that your ads are more targeted.

Ads Targeting

Your ad will be targeted based on audience, location, device, to targeting based on day & hour.

Ads Design

Our creative team will create an attractive banner ad design that is potentially clickable (GDN only).

Technology Features

Our Other Services

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